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The Natural Science Institute of the Westfjords (NAVE) is looking for a highly motivated and qualified scientist to serve as our Marine Aquaculture Research Station Manager. The chosen applicant will be head of NAVE´s Marine finfish aquaculture research department at the institute’s newly-opened office and shared research facilities in Vatneyrarbúð Research Cluster located in Patreksfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland. NAVE is a life science research institution focusing on terrestrial, marine and freshwater research, with its main headquarters in Bolungarvík and offices in Hólmavík and Patreksfjörður. Vatneyrarbúð Research Cluster is a newly opened workspace intended to foster synergy between scientists focused on aquaculture related research and hosts specialists from multiple companies and institutes.

This represents an exciting opportunity to influence the development of the marine finfish aquaculture industry as it grows in Iceland. The main focus of the NAVE aquaculture department will be to increase local knowledge and research related to the environmental impacts of marine finfish aquaculture in Icelandic fjord systems as well as to initiate and coordinate marine aquaculture-related monitoring in the region. The candidate’s main responsibility is to build NAVE´s marine aquaculture research department and shared laboratory facilities in Patreksfjörður by seeking funding and collaboration through networking, grant acquisition, and other means. The candidate will also be responsible for daily oversite and general upkeep of the shared research facility, along with oversight and completion of specific research projects that are currently under way as well as marine aquaculture license-related monitoring for companies in the area.

The ideal candidate is passionate about ecology and conservation as well as outdoor work, has a keen interest in understanding the natural world, is good at troubleshooting, is self-sufficient, independent, patient, can work well with others, and is highly organized and empathetic towards others. The ideal candidate also has experience, or willingness to learn to work with aquaculture companies for shared solutions towards more sustainable aquaculture practices. The ideal candidate has a strong general background in the natural sciences and a specialization in one or more of the following fields of study: aquaculture, marine biology, fish biology/ecology, population ecology, oceanography, marine chemistry, population genetics, population dynamics, and/or parasitology.


  • Must communicate effectively and be socially adept.
  • Must have a M.Sc. in related field, PhD preferred and/or long working experience in a related field.
  • Must be an experienced team leader.
  • Must be willing and able to work long hours in the field under strenuous conditions, far from home in the sub-arctic climate.
  • Must have experience, or desire to acquire experience conducting research in the coastal marine environment.
  • Must understand statistical concepts and be capable of statistical analysis using R or other.
  • Must be independent, self-sufficient, and motivated.
  • Must know how to, or be willing to learn how to, operate a small boat with an outboard engine.
  • Must be able to write and communicate effectively in English.
  • Preferably has experience living and working in remote areas.
  • Preferably has knowledge of Icelandic or other Scandinavian languages.
  • It is preferred that the applicant has a strong track record of collaboration and has a strong network of potential collaborators.
  • Preferably has experience leading projects, creating budgets and meeting set deadlines.
  • Preferably has experience in scientific publishing.
  • Preferably has general knowledge about aquaculture as well as aquaculture-related government policies and legislation.

Perks of the job

  • The opportunity to build and lead a research department.
  • One year gym and pool membership.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Startup expendables to build up laboratory.

Perks of living in Iceland

  • 30 days paid vacation each year.
  • Paid health insurance.
  • Paid maternity leave for up to 6 months.
  • Paid paternity leave for up to 6 months.
  • Stipends for certifications and employee development.
  • Matching retirement fund contributions.
  • Numerous union benefits.

For more information, contact:
Sigurður Halldór Árnason
Forstöðumaður, Náttúrustofa Vestfjarða


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